What's a Tokenmon?

Tokenmon are a new species of NFTs born to evolve on the Ethereum blockchain. Individual Tokenmon are generated programmatically from a random selection of hand drawn bases and attributes, each inspired by a nostalgia for all things collectible, and a love of all things crypto. Though you will only be able to mint level 1 Tokenmon, by collecting 3 of the same base types you will be able to achieve evolution to higher levels through a burn and re-mint mechanism. There will also be several mythically rare 1/1 Tokenmon, some in the minter, and others which will need to be found in the metaverse. As you build your desired collection, you can trade your Tokenmon with other collectors using our swap function.

What's good?

Yo, all Tokenmon are good. There are over 60 unique base types, as well as over 40 different possible outfits. Eyes, Mouth, Headgear, Neckwear, and Backgrounds are also randomly generated, unique, and hand drawn with all the homies in mind, so we trust everyone will be able to find one that is perfect for their taste and style. There are literally billions of possible combinations, but... some Tokenmon are more rare than others. The bases themselves, as well as each individual asset class, all have differing rarity scales across the attributes.


Each Tokenmon will be sold for a mint price of 0.069 ETH. The initial supply will be 10,420. Though there are some Tokenmon that will be minted in their sole form, others will have a second, and in many cases a third, evolutionary phase that they can achieve if a collector chooses to burn 3 of the same base type and re-mint a next gen. As a result, we expect the total number of Tokenmon to diminish substantially over time, making them a deflationary asset class, and adding what we hope will be an exciting gamification component to collecting as the community members decide how to adjust supply and which Tokenmon will stay in their original form forever, and which will be burned for evolutionary purposes.







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